Geoffrey Hendricks

Geoffrey Hendricks is an artist associated with Fluxus since the mid 1960s, and is a professor emeritus of art at Rutgers University, where he taught from 1956 to 2003. In his book Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance, Intermedia, and Rutgers University, 1958-1972, he chronicles some of the most memorable activities on the Rutgers campus and in New York City, such as George Maciunas' FluxMass, an Action of Hermann Nitsch, Events and Happenings by Bob Watts, Allan Kaprow, and George Brecht as well as their Project in Multiple Dimensions.
Geoff is often referred to as "cloudsmith" for his extensive work with sky imagery in paintings, on objects, in installations and performances.

Birdcage with Pulley
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Excerpt from 100 Skies by Geoffrey Hendricks - © Copyright Geoffrey Hendricks and Henry Martin 2009

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