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Thomas Körtvélyessy

choreographer, intermedia-artist, dancer, teacher, blogger -
fell in love with the sky ever since he became involved in the beginnings of SKYTIME® in 1995.
He is working from the home-base of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, one of the biggest ports on the globe, a buzzing business city of experimental modern architecture, home to a vital underground visual arts and dance-scene, and one of the few Dutch cities where the modern skyline enables an open sky-experience.

A pioneer spirit, Thomas brought Kinetic Awareness® to the Netherlands and has regularly expanded dance into visual arts and intermedia. Parallel to that he consistently created works in public space, as well as theater-oriented performances since 1995, be they plazas, alleys, shopping centres, galleries, or churches. Since 2004 these performances have often become community dance projects, combining the skills of trained dancers and people from any walk of life. His works have been supported by the Rotterdam Arts Council, the European Cultural Foundation, the Kinetic Awareness® Center, and the Fleur Groenendijk Foundation.

photo ©2010 by Fred Ernst

Reàl Dance Company - company website
new dance thoughts - choreographer's blog
YouTube channel
Kinetic Awareness® in the Netherlands
con·sens·us - dance project between art and daily life, originated in public space (2002-2008)
Kruisingen-Heemraadsplein - community dance project in the borough of Delfshaven (2009) > Delfshaven Dans!


hemellopers - two collaborations with Elaine Summers Dance & Film & Web Company and Deeplistening Institute (2010 & 2011)
walking con·sens·us / SkyTime™ (2006 to present)

very first realization without projection at tüzraktér Budapest, Hungary (2006)
for more realizations visit

tele-graphs / tele Paths (2004) video by Corien van der Poll

combining a dance for filmmaker Amy Guggenheim (New York)
performed on Willemsplein, Arnhem (NL)
clouds filmed by Corien van der Poll during the lie-in "sky-watchers"
held 2003 in Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem

double impact - collaboration with Janine Brall (2006)

Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam and Tokushima Beach, Tokushima (Japan)
both solos were performed simultaneously in real time

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