Living Water Garden Living Water Garden is the first inner-city ecological park in the world with water as its theme. The park consists of an advanced constructed wetlands system that treats the polluted river water and an underground environmental education center. The park functions to educate and entertain. Living Water Garden is located on the banks of the Fu&Nan Rivers. It covers an area of 24,000 square meters. Its design, the shape of a fish, symbolizes the inseparable relationship between fish and water. As water from the river passes through the park's natural cleansing system which is made up of an anaerobe settling pond, aerating sculptures (Flowforms), A/0 pond, constructed wetlands , its quality gets better and better. The process demonstrates how dirty water becomes clean water. Living Water Garden offers an imitation of nature in the middle of the city. The various parts of the park - the gardens, the fountain, the natural river bank, the natural
vegetation from Mount Emei, the colored ponds of Huang Long and the dozens of aquatic plants and beautiful fish offer education as well as recreation. It is hoped that as people linger in this mini-world of nature they will be moved by nature's beauty and mystery and gain a love for and will to preserve nature.
"Water like the sky is a flow system neighbor to neighbor, city to city, country to country." -Betsy Damen



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